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The issue of jobless students is a growing concern in today’s society. As educational institutions continue to produce a large number of graduates each year, but there are just a few jobs available to them as compared to the number of graduate students per year. One of the main reasons for unemployment in Pakistan is the gap between theory qualifications and industry requirements. Many students graduate with theoretical knowledge but they don’t have any kind of practical skills and experience. Industry Employers often seek students with both academic knowledge and practical expertise. Even BBA students in actual don’t know about business due to just because they get only theoretical learning in universities and colleges. Due to lack of information students don’t have any information about Amazon marketplace in Pakistan.

In that case, many training institutes are providing the coolest learning environment. Institutes are providing many opportunities through which students can learn skills and get experience. You can learn skills like Amazon VA, Digital Marketing, E-commerce specialist, Web Development, UI UX, Freelancing, and Graphic designing. That will provide you complete carrier path. This blog will help you to know about the Amazon marketplace in Pakistan.

Opening of Amazon in Pakistan creates an opportunity for persons with no investment (business):

Amazon marketplace in Pakistan has opened a world of opportunities for individuals.  Also for those who are seeking to start their own businesses without significant upfront investment. All those people and students who wanted to start their business but due to fanatical problems, can’t afford investment funds. Then they just lose their motivation and hope. In this situation, Amazon is providing opportunities like affiliate marketing, Dropshipping, Amazon PL, Amazon Kindle, and Wholesale. If you want to take a start-up without investment you can earn through these opportunities. These skills will provide you work from home opportunities.

In this article you will know :

  • Model of Amazon and which is best for whom
  • Selection of best institute
  • Best institute offering Amazon Training in Gujrat


Business Model of Amazon and Which is Best for Whom:

Amazon is one of the biggest E-commerce platforms that provide you different opportunities. Where we register our shops or product and sell them on an international level. Amazon has two selling plans:

  • Individual SELLING plan

If you register your account on an individual selling plan the first benefit you will get is Amazon will not charge any subscription fees, but you cannot sell your brand on individual selling points and here Amazon will charge 0.9 dollars for each sale.

  • Professional selling plan

If you register your account on Professional selling point you can sell your own brand. Amazon will charge a fixed fee charges per month from you which will be 39.99 dollars

Let’s talk about Amazon Models: Chose the one that suits you :

  • Amazon PL :

PL stands for private Label where you will sell your own brand product. In PL you sell a product with your brand name, for example, your product is a Glass that is already in the market but a Glass with your brand has no existence before. So, this is what we call PL.

  • Amazon Wholesale :

In Amazon wholesale we also sell products but we cannot sell our own brand products. Here we buy products from existing brands and sell them. If you buy Nike shoes which is already a brand and you can sell this product forward this is called Amazon wholesale.

  • Affiliate Marketing :

 In Amazon Affiliate Marketing you will get your citation by selling others’ products through marketing. You just have to sell the product to customers and charge your fee.

  • Amazon Dropshipping :

Amazon Dropshipping and Amazon wholesale are similar but their fulfillment methods are different. The fulfillment method means how your order will reach your customers.

Selection of best training institute:

Choosing the right institute is essential to learn any skill. Many institutes are providing physical training. Look for an institute that provides a conducive learning environment with modern facilities and ensures you that it is offering access to up-to-date IT equipment such as computers, high-speed internet, and require software with Qualified and Experienced instructors of Amazon skills.

amazon course

best it center in gujrat

Best institute offering Amazon Training in Gujrat :

When it comes to Amazon training in Gujrat there are not that many institutes with required facilities. Adan IT Center is one of the best institutes in Gujrat. Known for its industry-leading programs Adan IT Center offers comprehensive Amazon training. Adan IT Center is providing a carrier path for many students.

By choosing the right institute you can gain the knowledge and expertise you needed to achieve your Amazon business goals. Go and reserve your seat in Adan IT Center now.


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