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    We at Adan IT center believe to engage the highly professional industry leaders as teachers.We ensure the high Academic Quality of our pass outs by hiring/ engagement of of the best Teachers. As hands on experience (practical portion) of the course is dominant i.e. 80% in our training model, we seek the industry professionals cum teachers for this assignment. If you think you possess the both i.e practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge of your field join us

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    Work With Us

    Yes! We don't hire teachers on just salary we engage them as partners in both
    1. Training
    2. Professional Team
    Fill the form on your left side but before please go through terms and conditions tab on the top

    Teachers is the key pillar of our Training Model

    Your must reveal the gravity of the commitments,we offer to our student

    1. we tell them that we don't teach we train you with hands on experience by industry lead Professionals
    2. We start from very basic and build their skill advance Weekend tracks for housewives & professionals
    3. GOVT. Recognized Certificates
    4. Project Based Practical training
    5. On Job training
    6. Job opportunities
    7. Mentor ship for startups
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