November 15, 2023

B1 Ielts

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Language Certification

If you are planning abroad for a work permit or higher education in the United Kingdom and USA, English (intermediate/B1) is the most demanded test employers and universities require. This course is comprised of 4 modules i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

Course Structure

Module Name Marks
(% of total)
Reading (45 minutes) 25%
Writing (45 minutes) 25%
Listening (30 minutes) 25%
Speaking (10-12 ) 25%

What you will learn

1: Basic grammar and vocabulary

2: Sentence composition

3: Reading comprehension

4: Listening comprehension


Classes are available on the following schedule

Regular Track (Monday to Thursday)- 2 hours

Weekend Track (Saturday- Sunday)- 4 hours

Course Content

Week 1: Speaking & Listening

  • Personal information: Responding on questions on familiar matters.
  • Situational role plays: Initiating and responding appropriately in social situations.
  • Exchanging information: Exchanging information around a given image / set of images
  • Listen and Respond: Answering questions on a short monologue delivered by the interlocutor. Part 4b: Long turn: Delivering a short, uninterrupted talk on a relevant topic, provided by the interlocutor.

Week 2: Reading test

Week 3: Writing Exam Structure

Week 4: 2 Mock Tests

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