May 9, 2024

CCNA – Enterprise V7

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Start your Networking Career with a CCNA course from Industry Experts in Gujrat.

This training program at Adan IT Center is a Project-based learning roadmap to make jobless degree holders or anyone who wants to pursue a career in Networking.

Course Content

Network Fundamentals

  • Explain Network Components
  • Describe Network Topology Architectures
  • Compare Physical Interfaces
  • Identify Interface and Cable Issues
  • Compare TCP to UDP
  • Configure and Verify IPv4 Addressing and Subnetting
  • Describe the Need for Private IPv4 Addressing
  • Configure and Verify IPv6 Addressing and Prefix
  • Describe IPv6 Address Types
  • Verify IP Parameters for Client OS
  • Describe Wireless Principles
  • Explain Virtualization Fundamentals
  • Describe Switching Concepts
  • MAC Learning and Aging
  • Frame Switching
  • Frame Flooding

Network Access

IP Connectivity

IP Services

Security Fundamentals

Automation and Progammability

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