February 15, 2024

Front End Development

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To become a successful Web Developer following skills are required

Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Database Management

This training is the first step of web development which provides the foundational knowledge of web architecture, and detailed hands-on learning on front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. This is a project-based course and you will be assigned a client to work for after this course. After completion, two weeks On Job Training shall be mandatory in Adan Works Space


After this training, you will be offered a certificate of Internship


This course is for you if you want to have the following objectives:

✓ Become Front End Developer
✓ Become Full Stack Developer
✓ Become a Free-Lancer to earn money online
✓ If you are a University graduate but unemployed and want to start earning
✓ If you are a Non-IT graduate and want to shift your career to IT

Course Content

Week 1: Course Introduction, Overview of Domain Name, Web Hosting and Website Structuring, HTML Intro

  • Job Market, Institute & work ethics, Web technologies, Describe Domain Name for the most common TLDs and their importance, Describe ICANN and demonstrate, how it works.
  • Describe how to register a domain name using any domain registrar. Describe Web Hosting, Types, Web Hosting Companies, DNS, and Common Parameters of Web Hosting Account
  • Extensions of Web Pages ( .html, .htm, .php .aspx ), HTML style guide, HTML semantics, Describe Website Structure
  • HTML comments, Tags, elements, block, inline & inline-block elements. (Task 1 & Weekly Assignment)

Week 2: HTML images, file paths & media

Week 3: Tables, Lists & forms in HTML Webpage & CSS Intro

Week 4: Designing HTML Webpage using CSS

Week 5: CSS positioning, media queries & RWD

Week 6: Intro to Bootstrap 5

Week 7: Bootstrap navigation & sliders

Week 8: Bootstrap FlexBox & Javascript Intro

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