December 29, 2023

IT For Kids

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Become a Young IT professional at Adan IT Center

Two months IT for kids

Why is IT important?

16 lac across the world kids of age 8 to 16 are developing games and applications. But why not in Pakistan we not empowering our children in this field? This would include all for the awareness of Information technology awareness, basic utilization of its tools and gadget in your child’s academics journey
Moreover it would divert your child to lessen the screen time which is very dangerous for kids health and divert the kids into the positive use of mobile devices. Along with this personality grooming, analytical problem-solving, motivation, and career counseling are the main benefits of this course.
This summer provide your child with unparalleled experience by enrolling them in our summer camp that combines IT Courses, Artificial Intelligence, Math, Science animation & various skills. We are committed to the extraordinary blend of physical fitness & intellectual stimulation, and Technology creativity for your child.
Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your child’s full potential & make this summer an unforgettable one!

Course Content

Personal Development

Create Gmail Account

Uses of GPT/BARD

Introduction an account Creation on Blogger

Uses of Google Apps

MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Coding introduction & Practice (Blockly)

Graphic Designing Basics

Robotic Technology introduction and Practical

Computer Software/Hardware Introduction

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