February 15, 2024

Web backend development

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To become a successful Web Developer following skills are required

Front-End Development
Back End Development
Database Management

If you have done with front-end development course or have a grip on the front-end technologies, This course is for you to learn the back-end technologies. The course mainly covers

The complete web architecture
Overview of the Server Side Programming Languages, their strengths and weaknesses
Hands on Training of Php
Laravel Framework
MVC Frame work
Introduction to Database Management
SQL Quries

This is a project-based course and you will be assigned a client to work for after this course. After completion, only the successful students shall be offered the opportunity in Adan Works

Adan Internship Program

After completion of internship lead courses only the top three to four students based on their assessment are offered free internship opportunities. During the internship the students work on live products under the supervision of the team leads in the Adan Works Space . After completion of this internship selected students are enrolled in a paid internship (stipend is paid by Adan) leading to full-time employment


This course is for you if you want to have the following objectives:

✓ Become Front End Developer
✓ Become Full Stack Developer
✓ Become a Freelancer for earning money online
✓ If you are a University graduate but unemployed and want to start earning
✓ If you are a Non-IT graduate and want to shift your career to IT

Course Content

Week 1: Course Introduction, Overview of Domain Name, Web Hosting, Web Technologies, Website vs Web Application

  • Job Market, Institute & work ethics, Web technologies, Describe Domain Name for the most common TLDs and their importance, Describe ICANN and demonstrate, how it works.
  • Describe how to register a domain name using any domain registrar. Describe Web Hosting, Types, Web Hosting Companies, DNS, and Common Parameters of Web Hosting Account
  • Different Types of Web technologies
  • Comparison & differences between a website & web application/portal. (Task 1 & Weekly assignment)

Week 2: Introduction of Version Control System, HTML, CSS & Bootstrap

Week 3: Bootstrap template, introduction to PHP with MySQL & installation

Week 4: Different operations on PHP variables using operators & conditional statements

Week 5: PHP arrays and array traversing using loops

Week 6: PHP type casting, type juggling, Superglobals, functions & regex

Week 7: What is HTTP, SSL, Request life cycle, PHP form & errors handling

Week 8: Writing MySQL queries in PHP by making a blog project

Week 9: Posts in Blog project

Week 10: Writing javascript code in Blog Project

Week 11: Javascript Ajax

Week 12: Jquery & Hosting Cpanel

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