IT Essentials Course

The “IT Essentials” course imparts essential computer and job skills for entry-level IT roles. It covers computer setup, software configuration, and troubleshooting, equipping students with foundational IT knowledge, making it ideal for those starting an IT career or seeking basic IT understanding.


In this IT Essentials course, you’ll grasp the basics of computer networking, using advanced simulation tools and hands-on labs from Cisco Networking Academy. This practical approach allows you to enhance your troubleshooting skills and apply your knowledge in real-time.

What You’ll Gain from Our IT Training

Career Opportunities in IT Essentials

Software Developer: Design and create computer programs and applications.
System Analyst: Analyze and improve computer systems for efficiency.
Business Analyst: Bridge the gap between IT and business needs.
Network Engineer: Manage and optimize computer networks.
IT Support Analyst: Provide technical assistance to users.
IT Consultant: Offer expertise to businesses on IT strategies.
Technical Sales Representative: Promote and sell IT products and services.
Project Manager: IT projects from start to finish.
Office Management: Organizing and Streamlining Workplace Operations.
Graphic Design: Visual Communication and Creative Expression.

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1. Do you offer online classes for the program?

No, we don't offer online classes. Our expertise lies in providing information, answering questions, and assisting with various topics. If you're looking for online classes, you might want to explore educational platforms or institutions that offer courses in your area of interest.

2. What is the duration of the course?

The course takes about 2 months to finish. In these 2 months, you'll learn a lot and practice what you've learned so you can become really good at it. It's designed to give you enough time to understand everything well and become skilled in what you're studying.

3. Do I need to take regular classes?

Yes, you'll need to attend regular classes according to the schedule. These classes are important to help you learn step by step and stay connected with the course content. They're designed to guide you through the material and make sure you're getting the most out of the course.

4. Do you provide any tools for better learning?

Absolutely! We provide tools that make learning easier and more effective. These tools include online resources, interactive activities, and specialized software designed to help you understand and succeed in your studies.