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IT For Kids

Welcome to the IT For Kids Course in Gujrat, presented by the esteemed ‘Adanit Center’. With a focus on advanced learning and experience for children, Adan takes pride in being a dedicated IT institute for kids. We provide top-notch courses that cater to individuals with aspirations for their dream careers and interests to pursue. Our courses offer not just a beginning, but a comprehensive IT training journey for kids.
Personal Development:
Our personal development trainings introduce awareness, self-compassion, and compassion. Cultivating compassion for yourself & others will improve their lives.
Create Gmail Account:
With a Google account children get access to all of the free Google services, such as mail, calendar, contacts, drive, YouTube, and many more.
Uses of GPT/BARD:
Chat GPT can be used by kids in various ways such as: Asking questions on topics they are studying in school and getting relevant answers. Exploring new topics that interest them by asking the Chabot questions related to those topics. Finding resources such as articles, videos, and web links related to their studies.
Introduction and Account Creation on Blogger:
Perhaps the most obvious benefit of blogging for kids under 13 is that it provides them with an opportunity to write each day. When they start at a relatively young age, this is a great way for kids to grasp vocabulary and understand written communication.
Uses of Google Apps:
Google apps can help Kids to access different useful apps like Google books, sheets, and videos that are targeted to their age and interests. Google Kids Space recommends quality content for your kid based on the interests they choose. They can read different books according to their interest, syllabus, and general knowledge.  
MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
One of the benefits of using Microsoft Office as a student is that they can create professional-looking documents for their assignments. With Word, they can easily format their document to make it look neat and tidy. They can also insert images, charts, and other graphics to make their document more visually appealing
Coding Introduction & Practice (Blockly):
Block coding allows children to go on a creative spree. Since they do not have to worry about debugging, they can easily experiment and implement different ideas. Thus it is an innovative way of helping your kids learn to code creatively.
Graphic Designing Basics:
Being a graphic designer really helps you learn how to not only communicate a message through their creativity but also how to effectively bring other people’s ideas to life. They will become a better listener, speaker, and even their communication skills through emails, phone calls, and text messages will improve too!
  1. Computer Software/Hardware Introduction:
They would be able to know about computers and they can adjust their computer issue easily.
  1. Robotic Technology Introduction and Practical:
Robotics encourages kids to think creatively, to build and design solutions to real-world problems. And it also helps youngsters to come up with new innovative ideas and solutions
it for kids


The duration of the "IT for Kids" course is 6 weeks.

The "IT for Kids" course is designed for children between the ages of 8 and 12.

Kids will learn fundamental programming concepts, problem-solving skills, and how to create interactive projects using coding languages

The total fee for the "IT for Kids" course will be 6K.

Coding can be made fun and engaging for kids with the right teaching approach, making it easier for them to learn and enjoy.