JavaScript Essentials 1


JavaScript Essentials 1 (JSE)

Explore the fundamental aspects of JavaScript and computer programming starting from the basics!

By Cisco Networking Academy with the JavaScript Institute

Learn JavaScript, the language of the web

You probably use online and portable applications consistently. Watching a fixed video on your news app, using the search box on Amazon, or refreshing your Instagram feed. What is powering these applications?

Learn how cooperating web and mobile apps are created with JavaScript – and learn to program your own! JavaScript is a text-based programming language, and this course is an incredible spot to begin getting the hang of programming. No past knowledge is required.

Programming abilities free you up to professions in practically any industry and are required to proceed to further developed and more lucrative web, portable application, or game improvement jobs.

Getting done with the tasks procures you an Assertion of Accomplishment. It likewise sets you up for the JSE – Confirmed Passage Level JavaScript Software engineer confirmation from Open EDG JavaScript Foundation.

You’ll learn these core skills:

  • Think algorithmically and analyze problems.
  • Design, develop, and improve JavaScript programs.
  • Understand a programmer’s work in the software development process and the role of fundamental development tools.
  • Know how a program is interpreted and executed in a local and remote computer environment.
  • Create and develop your programming portfolio.


Experience interactive lessons with practice labs, activities, videos, and quizzes. Finish with a final exam to test your knowledge.


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Proof of Completion

Get a certificate, attendance statement, or digital badge when you finish. Share your accomplishments on social media or your resume.

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