NAVTTC Merit list BATCH 1-2024

In 2024, NAVTTC introduced advanced conventional and high-tech courses. The application process started with a test, followed by interviews for most candidates. After completing these assessments, applicants were instructed to contact the institute using the provided contact numbers.

The selection criteria for trainees consist of two components appended:

  1. Automated Selection System (70 Marks)
  2. Interview Assessment (30 Marks)

Let’s discuss all topic

  • Specific criteria
  • Interview criteria
  • Interview phase
  • Automated Selection System (70 Marks):
  • Automated Selection System (70 Marks):
  • Interview Assessment (30 Marks):
  • Overall Breakdown:
  • Specific criteria

Specific criteria

Once the institute’s numbers were called, a merit list was created based on specific criteria. This list was developed by considering the outcomes of interviews conducted to evaluate the merit of deserving students.

Interview phase

Throughout the interview phase, the institute prioritized individuals who could effectively use the training and were unable to afford the fees. Applicants with a well-established business plan were also considered. The main goal of the interviews was to ensure that deserving students facing financial constraints could fully benefit from the training.

Interview criteria

During the interviews, we looked at students’ academic accomplishments, especially if they finished their degree successfully. We checked how they applied what they learned. We also considered factors like age in the interviews.

Automated Selection System (70 Marks):

The selection process involves a Portal-based rating against provided data, contributing to a total of 70 marks.

Various parameters are considered within this system to evaluate and assign scores.

Interview Assessment (30 Marks):

An interviewing panel from the institute conducts the interview assessment, which carries a weightage of 30 marks.

The interview focuses on specific criteria to gauge the suitability and potential of the candidates.

Overall Breakdown:

The total selection criteria comprise both the Automated Selection System and the Interview Assessment, with a combined weightage of 100 marks.

The breakdown of both components is as follows:
1)        Date of Birth &Domicile (Age range: 18-40)

·        18-23:

·        24-29:

·        30-34:

·        35-40:


*No age restriction for widow/divorced/transgender


*Applicants from remote areas will be given preference

20 Calendar (auto calculation) Marks


·      20

·      15

·      10

·      5



·      5

·      10

·      15

·      20

2)                Qualifications (Obtained marks %transcript)

i.        Relevant-Trade / discipline qualification

ii.        Qualification one stage above than prescribed in relevant discipline OR same / One stage above qualification in any other discipline

iii.        Qualification two or more stage above in any other discipline

iv.        Less than requisite qualification or over-


25 multiple options

/ Evidence-based


(Interviewer will have access to the online portal for updating applicants qualifications if required)



i.       25


ii.        20





iii.        10




iv.        0

3) Eligibility for Zakat 15 Number Marks: 15
4)        Preference Quota

i.            Hafiz

ii.            Certified sportsperson

iii.            Orphan

iv.            Widow

v.            Divorced

vi.            Person with disability

vii.            Transgender

10 Check Box Marks

i.            2

ii.            2

iii.            2

iv.            4

v.            4

vi.            4

vii.            4

Sub Total 70




a) Requisite Skills, Knowledge and Future Goals / Ambitions 16




Conceptual knowledge

Skill relevance with skill applied Sectoral knowledge

Future plans to utilize learnt skill





b) Trade-specific aptitude of a trainee 14


Technical question – One Technical question – Two 07


Subtotal 30



Total of both components (70+30) 100




a)         Requisite Skills, Knowledge and Future Goals /Ambitions (16Marks)


  1. Conceptual knowledge of the candidate against applied trade i.e., understanding of the skills to be acquired during training (04 marks)
  2. Skill relevance with skill applied: If applicant already have some basic skills related to the applied trade (04marks)
  • Sectoral knowledge i.e., types of jobs available post training, knowledge of relevant business clusters in the district or nearby areas. (04marks)
  1. Future plans to utilize the trade after getting skilled. (04Marks)


b)        Trade-specific aptitude of candidate (14Marks)


The candidate must have a reasonable aptitude. Interviewing panel will assess it by asking two basic technical questions in the relevant discipline. Each question will carry seven marks.

Example: General Electrician (Q-01); Red wire indicates what? (Q-02); What is the unit of electricity? (Q-03); Ammeter is used for what?




  1. The Interview Committee shall consist of 3 members. At least one of them should possess trade-relevant knowledge and
  2. No TA/DA will be admissible to the trainees for interview.
  • If multiple candidates obtain equal points, preference will be given to senior image.


  1. Grievances of candidates will be resolved by the institute’s Grievance Redressal Committee. The committee will be notified prior to the commencement of interviews.
  2. Selectedtraineeswillsubmitoriginal educationaldocumentstotheinstitute. Theadministrationofthe institute will keep these documents in safe custody and will return to the candidates on successful completion of the training.


Note: Applicants not selected for the training owing to limited number of seats, may be consideredinupcomingNAVTTCsponsoredtrainingor e-learning program.




  1. Applicant who has already availed any government sponsored short-term training program facility.
  2. Applicant not having valid CNIC /B-form.
  • Applicant not having documentary evidence of academic qualification / credentials at the time of interview. Submission of original documents is mandatory and attested copies will not be acceptable.
  1. Applicant who is the regular student of the same institute where he/she applied.
  2. Applicant who is a government servant.
  3. Applicant involved in any criminal proceedings.
  • Applicant who was absent at the time of interview.
  • Applicant involved in falsification, misleading information, or document forgery will be disqualified at any stage of the training. NAVTTC reserves the rights to recover the full or partial training cost or impose any pertinent penalty on trainee.


In brief, the NAVTTC’s 2024 Batch 5 merit list for technical and vocational training programs marks a noteworthy progression in fortifying technical education in Pakistan. The careful selection process ensures that only the most deserving candidates are chosen, promoting values of fairness, openness, and quality. In a world where technical education and training are highly valued, NAVTTC’s commendable efforts contribute significantly to shaping a skilled workforce.