NAVTTC Batch 5- Unreal Engine Certification


Unreal Engine is a powerful and versatile game engine developed by Epic Games. NAVTTC batch 5- unreal engine certification provides developers with a complete set of tools and features to create high-quality 3D games, simulations, and interactive experiences. Unreal Engine’s strengths lie in its cutting-edge graphics capabilities, robust physics engine, and user-friendly interface.

In this article, we are going to discuss the following points who wants to learn and earn through Unreal engine certification.

  • Average annual salary of this course
  • Job opportunities of NAVTTC Unreal Engine Certification
  • How to apply online in NAVTTC Unreal Engine Certification
  • Reasons to join Unreal Engine Certifications
  • What you will learn in NAVTTC Unreal Engine Certification
  • Career paths of NAVTTC Unreal Engine Certification+

Average salary:

  • Average annual salary:6,00,000 PKR, and more. The versatility of Unreal Engine.

What is the eligibility criteria for NAVTTC Unreal Engine Certification?

The eligibility criteria for NAVTTC Unreal Engine Certification is;

  • Age: 18-40
  • Minimum qualification:
    • Bachelors in IT
    • Bachelors in CS
    • Bachelors in SE
    • Bachelors in MIS
    • Bachelors in Math

Job opportunities on different platforms:

  • According to the data of October, 16, 2023 jobs offered to Unreal Engine professional at international platforms in Pakistan are as follows:
  • LinkedIn: 20+ jobs in Pakistan and 1000+ jobs in USA.
  • Indeed: 20+ jobs in Pakistan and 100+ jobs in USA. Glassdoor: 30+ jobs in Pakistan and 974+ in USA.

Importance to join NAVTTC Unreal Engine Certification.

Here are some reasons to join Unreal Engine certification

1. In-Demand Skills:

Unreal Engine is a popular game development engine widely used in the gaming industry, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and even in non-gaming applications like architectural visualization. By becoming certified, you gain skills that are in high demand.

2. Career Opportunities:

Earning an Unreal Engine certification can open doors to exciting career opportunities in game development, interactive media, film, and other industries that use real-time 3D rendering technology.

3. Credibility:

Certification demonstrates your competence and commitment to the field. It provides a formal recognition of your skills, which can be valuable in job interviews and when seeking freelance or project-based work.

4. Skill Enhancement:

The certification process involves training and testing, helping you improve your skills in game design, 3D modeling, and animation. It’s not just about the certification itself but the knowledge and expertise you gain during the process.

5. Community and Networking:

The Unreal Engine community is large and active. Being certified can help you connect with other professionals, share experiences, and collaborate on projects.

6. Flexibility:

Unreal Engine is versatile, not just for gaming but also for interactive design and simulation in various industries. Your certification can apply to a wide range of projects, expanding your career options.

7. Global Relevance:

Unreal Engine is used internationally, so your certification is valuable not only in your local job market but also in other regions and countries.

8. Creative Expression:

Game development and interactive media offer a unique platform for creative expression. With Unreal Engine skills, you can bring your creative visions to life, whether it’s in the form of games, VR experiences, or simulations.

9. Advantage Competitive:

In a competitive job market, certification can set you apart from other candidates. It shows that you’ve gone the extra mile to validate your skills and expertise.

10. Personal Satisfaction:

If you have a passion for game development and creating immersive experiences, Unreal Engine certification can be personally satisfying and fulfilling.

  • Career Path:

Completing an Unreal Engine course can lead to various career paths in the game development and interactive media industries. Potential roles include game developer, level designer, 3D artist, technical artist, VR/AR developer, and simulation developer.

  • Job opportunities:

Job opportunities related to Unreal Engine can be found not only in the gaming industry but also in fields like architecture, film and television production, automotive design, training and simulation makes it a valuable skill in various creative and technical professions.


1 How do I become Unreal Engine certified?

To become an Unreal Authorized Instructor, you must meet the minimum requirements: Have production or professional experience using Unreal Engine. Have classroom training experience. Have all of your activities in connection with the program comply with applicable laws.

2 Is Unreal Engine a good career?

In fact, jobs requiring Unreal Engine skills offer an average salary that is $14,354 above those that do not. Proficiency with Unreal Engine adds a salary premium of 51% for artists, 22% for programmers, and 5% for designers.

3 What is Unreal Engine famous for?

Not only can Unreal Engine handle bigger games, but its rendering features make it adept at scaling them across different platforms. “The rendering pipeline is modern and cutting-edge, supporting a huge variety of platforms from mobile to high-end computers,” Tarsier’s Mervik says.

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