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iOS Objective-C is a foundational programming language used for Apple’s ecosystem for many years. It’s known for its robustness and reliability. Though Swift has taken the spotlight in recent years, Objective-C remains indispensable for its role in managing legacy codebases and facilitating smooth interoperability with Swift and older libraries.

Developers well-versed in Objective-C are highly valued for their ability to maintain and update existing apps, ensuring they stay in harmony with the ever-evolving iOS ecosystem. This expertise is particularly crucial for preserving backward compatibility and leveraging Apple’s extensive libraries and APIs. So, in a nutshell, Objective-C’s significance endures, making it a valuable skill for developers navigating the dynamic world of iOS app development.


Average Salary

The average salary of developers of IOS Objective-C skills is 12,48,000 PKR.


Why this course?

Certainly, here are some reasons for learning NAVTTC: IOS Objective-C course:

  1. Legacy Code Maintenance: Learning NAVTTC: IOS Objective-C makes you able to work with and maintain existing iOS apps written in Objective-C. Many businesses and organizations still rely on apps built with this language. So your skills would be in demand for keeping these apps up-to-date.
  2. In-Depth iOS Knowledge: Objective-C is the language in which iOS app development is traditionally done. By learning it, you gain a deep understanding of the iOS platform. Which can be valuable when working with older apps or transitioning to Swift.
  3. Compatibility with C and C++: Objective-C is a superset of C, which means it can work with C and C++ libraries and code. Objective-C skills are advantageous if you’re interested in low-level programming or need to integrate with code written in these languages.
  4. Versatility: Learning both Objective-C and Swift makes you a versatile iOS developer. You can work on a broader range of projects, from legacy apps to modern ones, and switch between languages as needed.
  5. Specialized Job Opportunities: Specific job opportunities require Objective-C skills. Such as working with established organizations, maintaining older apps, or performing security assessments of legacy code.
  6. Resource Optimization: Objective-C knowledge can help you optimize the performance of apps, especially those that perform resource-intensive tasks.
  7. Understanding of Core iOS Concepts: Learning Objective-C can deepen your understanding of core iOS development concepts. Such as memory management and the Objective-C runtime. This knowledge can be valuable even when working with Swift.
  8. Transition to Swift: Having a background in Objective-C can ease the learning curve if you plan to transition to Swift. You’ll already understand fundamental iOS concepts and how the platform functions.
  9. App Security: Understanding Objective-C can be beneficial for assessing app security and identifying potential vulnerabilities. Security professionals may use Objective-C skills to examine app code for security risks.
  10. Personal Growth: Learning a new programming language can be personally fulfilling and a way to challenge yourself. It demonstrates your dedication to continuous learning and professional growth.

In short, learning a NAVTTC: IOS Objective-C course can be beneficial for you.

Career path

Starting a career in iOS app development with Objective-C usually begins by getting a solid grip on the language and getting comfortable with Apple’s iOS and macOS development worlds. You might kick-off as a junior iOS developer or an Objective-C developer.

As you get better, you can aim for fancier titles, like

  • iOS Software Engineer
  • Mobile App Architect
  • Head of the whole iOS team

Places looking for Objective-C wizards often have older apps that need care. So your skills become crucial for keeping them in tip-top shape with the latest iOS versions. It’s a field where you keep learning to stay on top of the game, and the good news is that it usually means steady jobs and exciting projects in the Apple world. So, it’s not just a job; it’s a journey of growth and cool projects.


Job opportunities:

Job opportunities in iOS app development using Objective-C are still in demand, although Swift has become the primary language for iOS development.

Many established apps and organizations stick with Objective-C codebases. It creates a consistent demand for developers who can work with this language.

Roles such as Objective-C Developer, iOS Software Engineer, and Mobile App Developer often require proficiency in Objective-C to maintain and enhance existing applications.

Additionally, Objective-C developers play an important role in ensuring compatibility between older apps and the latest iOS updates. Aspiring developers with Objective-C skills may find opportunities in industries where legacy apps are prevalent, contributing to their ongoing maintenance and improvement.

Job opportunities on different platforms

According to the data for October 16, 2023, jobs offered to Objective-C developers at international platforms in Pakistan are as follows:

  • LinkedIn: 186+ jobs in Pakistan and 2000+ jobs in the USA.
  • Indeed, there are 100+ jobs in Pakistan and 1138+ jobs in the USA.
  • Glassdoor: 90+ jobs in Pakistan and 100+ in the USA.

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