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Hyperledger Course is designed for private and permissioned networks, ensuring control, privacy, and scalability—crucial for businesses and organizations., confidentiality, and smart contract support. It is a prominent open-source initiative hosted by The Linux Foundation, focused on developing blockchain technologies tailored for enterprise applications. Hyper ledger community fosters transparency and innovation, making it a go-to choice for enterprises seeking blockchain solutions with the flexibility required for their specific use cases.

Navttc Batch 5 Courses 2023-24 ​

Hyperledger Average salary:

Average annual salary:5 to 15 lac PKR.

What is the eligibility criteria for NAVTTC Hyperledger?

The eligibility criteria for NAVTTC Android Java is;

  • Age: 18-40
  • Minimum qualification:
    • Bachelors in IT
    • Bachelors in CS
    • Bachelors in SE
    • Bachelors in MIS
    • Bachelors in Math

Local & international jobs of Hyperledger:

According to the data of October,16,2023 jobs offered to Hyperledger professionals at international platforms in Pakistan are as follows:

  • LinkedIn 499+ Hyperledger professional jobs in Pakistan.
  • Indeed: 69+ Hyperledger professional jobs in Pakistan.
  • Glassdoor: 15+ professional jobs in Pakistan.

Top 10 reasons to join NAVVTAC Hyperledger Courses in Pakistan:

Certainly, here are some compelling reasons to consider pursuing a Hyperledger course:

Emerging Blockchain Technology

Hyperledger is a blockchain framework for building enterprise-grade applications and understanding it can open doors to exciting career opportunities.

High Demand for Blockchain Professionals

As companies explore blockchain solutions, the demand for professionals with Hyperledger skills is on the rise.

Enterprise-Level Blockchain Applications

Hyperledger is designed for use in business and enterprise settings. Learning Hyperledger allows you to work on blockchain projects that have real-world applications, such as supply chain management, healthcare, and finance.

Global Relevance

Blockchain technology knows no borders. Your Hyperledger skills can be applied to international projects and collaborations with teams around the world.

Innovation and Impact

Hyperledger projects often focus on innovative solutions that can transform industries.

Problem-Solving Skills

Blockchain development frequently involves addressing complex challenges related to security, data privacy, and network scalability.


Various enterprise ecosystems and industries can utilize Hyperledger. This adaptability allows you to explore different use cases and collaborate on diverse projects.

Continuous Learning

The blockchain landscape is dynamic, with continuous advancements and new use cases.

Networking Opportunities

Enrolling in a Hyperledger course connects you with a community of blockchain professionals. Networking can lead to valuable industry connections and potential job opportunities.

Personal Development

Learning about blockchain technology projects is intellectually stimulating and personally rewarding. You’ll be at the forefront of a transformative industry.

Career path:

A career in Hyperledger begins as a Blockchain Developer, where you learn the fundamentals and create smart contracts and applications. As you gain experience, you can advance to roles like Hyperledger Developer or Blockchain Architect, specializing in designing custom blockchain solutions for businesses. Alternatively, you may choose to become a Blockchain Consultant, helping companies with blockchain strategies.

Job Opportunities of NAVTTC Hyperledger Course:

Opportunities in Hyperledger and blockchain technology are wide across industries. Hyperledger consultants offer the chance to guide organizations in adopting blockchain. Product managers are crucial for driving blockchain-based projects, and security experts are in high demand to protect networks and smart contracts. Quality assurance engineers validate blockchain applications, while entrepreneurs innovate with startups or consultancy services.


1 Can I use Hyperledger for public blockchains?

Hyperledger is primarily designed for permissioned, private, or consortium blockchains, rather than public blockchains like those associated with cryptocurrencies.

2 Is Hyperledger open source?

Yes, all Hyperledger projects are open-source. The source code is available for anyone to view, use, and contribute to under the Linux Foundation.

3 What programming languages are used in Hyperledger projects?

The programming languages used in Hyperledger projects vary. Hyperledger Fabric primarily uses Go, while Hyperledger Sawtooth supports multiple languages, including Python and JavaScript.

4 How does Hyperledger address privacy and confidentiality?

Hyperledger Fabric, for example, supports channels, enabling different participants to have private and confidential transactions within a blockchain.

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