NDG Linux Essentials

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NDG Linux Essentials

Practice using Linux commands hands-on with the Linux virtual machine provided in the course. Offered by Cisco Networking Academy in partnership with NDG

Provided by Cisco Networking Academy

NDG Linux Essentials

Almost every IT job nowadays expects you to have some understanding of Linux. Linux, born out of successful open-source collaborations, has become the most dependable operating system globally. It’s widely used in everything from embedded systems to almost all supercomputers for very good reasons. NDG Linux Essentials is designed to rapidly enhance your Linux knowledge and prepare you for the Linux Professional Institute Linux Essentials certificate. This certificate serves as proof to employers that you have Linux proficiency! While NDG Linux I cover many concepts from this course at a more demanding pace, there are no prerequisites required for this course.

In this course, you’ll learn these essential skills:

  • Understand open-source concepts and progressively master Linux commands.
  • Grasp how Linux is utilized and the basics of its command line.
  • Become adept at using the Linux virtual machine for experiments.
  • Get ready for the LPI Linux Essentials Professional Development Certificate (PDC).


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