Networking Track

In the NETWORKING track at (DIT), you’ll learn CCNA, introduction IoT, packet Tracing, and Essential Networking concepts.


What is networking Welcome to the Adan IT center we offer networking courses with affiliation PSDA, your gateway to success in the realms of business, digital marketing, virtual assistance, e-commerce, and freelancing. Our platform is tailored to equip you with the essential skills necessary to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

  • Individuals aspiring to launch their entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Professionals seeking to expand their knowledge in digital marketing.
  • Enthusiasts curious about the realms of e-commerce and virtual assistance.
  • Freelancers aiming to enhance their skill sets and job prospects.
  • Fundamental principles of entrepreneurship and business management.
  • Effective digital marketing strategies across various platforms.
  • Proficient management of Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) services.
  • Essential e-commerce proficiencies, including platform selection and marketing techniques.
  • Best practices for navigating the dynamic gig economy as a freelancer.
  • Empower yourself to confidently initiate and oversee your entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Pursue rewarding careers in digital marketing, social media management, and online advertising.
  • Offer specialized support to Amazon sellers as a proficient Virtual Assistant.
  • Establish and nurture e-commerce ventures leveraging platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, and eBay.
  • Explore diverse freelance opportunities spanning writing, graphic design, virtual assistance, and digital marketing domains.

After completing the Networking track at Adanit, you'll earn a certification from both the Punjab Skill Development Authority (PSDA) and Adanit, recognizing your networking skills. This certification, backed by PSDA in partnership with Adanit, boosts your professional credibility. For those seeking further specialization, our 1-year diploma program provides personalized mentorship and practical training, preparing graduates with advanced skills for career growth. Join Adanit today to begin your journey toward becoming a networking expert and embracing digital innovation!


Networking course in Gujrat


Networking is a process of making connections and building relationships. It is like building bridges between devices so they can talk and share information. Through the network, we can share data and any form of information and collaborate easily and smoothly.
Benefits of Networking:
Networking has many benefits! It helps you make connections, find opportunities, and expand your knowledge. Here are some key benefits of networking:
  • Making valuable connections and building relationships.
  • Expanding your knowledge and learning from others.
  • Discovering new opportunities and potential collaborations.
  • Gaining access to resources and information.
  • Enhancing your professional reputation and visibility.
Types of Networking:
Here are five types of networking: Local Area Network (LAN) – Connects devices within a limited area, like a home or office. Wide Area Network (WAN) – Connects devices over a larger geographical area, such as multiple offices or cities. Wireless Network – Uses wireless signals to connect devices without the need for physical cables. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) – Connects devices within a city or metropolitan area. Storage Area Network (SAN) – Used for high-speed data storage and retrieval.
Career path networking:
In the world of networking, you can begin your career as a network technician, where you’ll handle tasks like troubleshooting and maintaining network infrastructure. Obtaining certifications like CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) can help you stand out and advance in your networking career. CCNA certification provides professionals to help you gain expertise in networking, while CCPA focuses on privacy rights and consumer protection. With time and dedication, you can reach higher positions like network architect or consultant. Keep networking and learning for a successful career.

Why we choose Adan IT Center:

Adan IT Center is a great choice for networking because they offer comprehensive training programs and have experienced instructors who can guide you through the process. They also provide hands-on experience and offer support for CCNA and CCPA certification. It’s a reliable and trusted center to enhance your networking skills. Contact us: Email: Phone: 0300 5013703