Online Application Guide: NAVTTC Batch 5

Step 1: Learn how to apply online for Batch 5 of the ‘Skills for All’ program with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.


Or click on this link to directly access the online form.

Step 2: Begin completing the displayed form on the screen.

Choose your district and domicile from the dropdown menu by clicking on the small arrow.

Put your full name in the first box. Pick your gender from the menu. Enter your CNIC-based date of birth using the calendar.

Provide your father’s full name. Mention his occupation and approximate monthly income. Enter your 11-digit personal mobile number and, if applicable, your email address. Choose your religion from the dropdown menu. Enter your 13-digit CNIC number without dashes. Finally, type your current home address in the last box.


In the Education Background section, choose your education level from the dropdown menu. Enter the institute name and degree completion date, then click the ‘Add Record’ button. Repeat this process for all your educational qualifications.

In the Job Experience section, enter your job title/designation and organization name. Specify the job duration by selecting dates from the calendar and click ‘Add Record.’ You can list multiple jobs using the same format. If you have no experience, you can leave this section empty.

You can provide two trade preferences, but admission will be granted in only one trade. Choose the district, trade name, and institute where you want to enroll.

To upload your picture, click ‘Browse file,’ go to the folder where you saved the picture. Ensure the picture size is not more than 1.5 MB.

In the last section, select appropriate options for each question regarding your other attributes.

Step 3: Form Submission

Review your form thoroughly and click the ‘Save Record’ button to submit. A confirmation message will appear on your screen once your form is successfully submitted.