Diploma in Information Technology(DIT)

Diploma in Information Technology(DIT)

Learn DIT: IT basics & specialized tracks include Business, Networking, Cybersecurity, Web Dev, and Design. Enroll today

Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)

DIT, or Diploma in Information Technology, is a certification program providing foundational knowledge and practical skills in IT.
The Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) is a one-year program that helps people learn important skills in different areas of IT. Whether you like business, design, networking, cybersecurity, or web development, our program has special tracks for you. During the course, you’ll do practical activities that match each track, getting ready for jobs in the changing technology field. Our goal is to prepare you for many opportunities in technology.

These are the tracks we offer. You can choose any track from the following options:

Business Track

Digital Marketing

Explore strategies and techniques for effective online marketing campaigns.

Amazon Virtual Assistant

Learn how to provide virtual assistance services for Amazon sellers.

Business Communication

Discover the ins and outs of freelancing in the IT industry.


Gain insights into building and managing successful e-commerce platforms.

Web Development Track

UI/UX Design

Understand principles and practices for creating intuitive user experiences on the web.

Frontend Development

Learn languages and frameworks for creating interactive user interfaces.

Backend Development

Explore server-side scripting and database management for web applications.


learn JavaScript: Essential for Interactive and Functional Web Development.

E-commerce Track

Amazon VA

Learn how to provide virtual assistance services for Amazon sellers.


Sell basics - shop setup, photos, pricing, SEO, service, marketing, orders


Master listings, pricing, SEO, orders, customer service, marketing. Boost eBay success!


Discover the ins and outs of freelancing in the IT industry.

Design and Multimedia Track

Graphic Designing

Creating visual content using images, text, and illustrations for print and digital platforms.

Video Editing

Manipulating video shots to create engaging narratives using software tools for various purposes.


Learn the art of photography: Learn composition, lighting,
and editing techniques.

Networking Track

CCNA Enterprise v7

Dive into Cisco's CCNA curriculum covering networking fundamentals.

Introduction of IoT

Enter the exciting world of Internet of Things and big data, connecting devices for smarter living.

Packet Tracer

Learn the Packet Tracer: Simulate Networks, Test Configurations, and Enhance Networking Skills.

Cybersecurity Track

Ethical Hacking

Explore the principles and methodologies of ethical hacking to enhance cybersecurity measures.

Cybersecurity Essential

Learn Cybersecurity Essential Strategies and Techniques for Effectiveness.

Career Path in (DIT)

Upon completion of the Diploma in Information Technology program, you’ll be equipped with skills and certifications that open doors to various career opportunities:

The Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) is a fundamental course designed to Empower students with vital skills for academic and professional settings. Offered by Adan IT Center in affiliation with PSDA, this program aims to empower individuals with essential competencies in computer usage. Through our course, students enhance their capabilities, preparing them for academic pursuits and professional endeavors. Visit www.adanitcenter.com to explore our offerings and enroll in the course (DIT)today.