Designing & Multimedia

Designing & multimedia Track

In the DESIGNING & MULTIMEDIA track at (DIT), you’ll learn Photo Editing, Video Editing, and Graphic Designing.


Designing and Multimedia involves creating visual content for digital and print platforms using graphic design principles and software tools. It’s important for engaging audiences in today’s digital world.

Welcome to the Designing and Multimedia track of the DIT Diploma program by Adan IT Center and Punjab Skills Development. This track teaches graphic design and video editing skills for various industries.

Participants learn graphic design basics like layout, typography, and color theory. They also master video editing techniques to tell compelling stories. With practical training, they’re prepared for careers in multimedia content creation.

Participants will delve into the following key areas:

Graphic Designing:

Crafting visual content utilizing images, text, and illustrations.

Developing designs suitable for both print and digital platforms.

Video Editing Skills:

Manipulating video footage to construct compelling narratives.

Utilizing software tools proficiently to enhance video content for diverse purposes.

  • Learn to design logos, brochures, flyers, banners, stationery, and posters.
  • Enhance video and image editing skills for clear communication.
  • Master photography techniques for stunning visuals.
  • Gain expertise in website editing, app design, and social media campaigns.
  • Develop a professional portfolio and refine UI design. Study typography for effective branding.
  • Find motion graphics for lively animations.
  • Experiment with digital illustrations, including infographics and comics.

Our graphic designing courses are suitable for:

  • Students studying graphics design.
  • Traditional designers transitioning to digital platforms.
  • Individuals seeking certification in graphic designing courses in Pakistan.
  • Current graphic designers interested in learning new tools and techniques.
  • Employees of graphic design-oriented companies and software houses aiming to refine their skills.
  • Advertisers looking to use graphic designing for improved promotion.
  • Graphic artists seeking reputable short courses in Gujrat and other major cities.
  • Layout or icon designers.
  • Cartoonists interested in expanding their skill set.

The course curriculum includes but is not limited to:

  • Fundamentals of graphic design principles and techniques.
  • Introduction to graphic design software applications.
  • Understanding typography, color theory, and layout design.
  • Exploring the basics of video editing software and techniques.
  • Advanced video editing skills and narrative construction.
  • Project-based learning to apply acquired skills in real-world scenarios.
  • Opportunities and Certification:
  • Upon successful completion of the Designing and Multimedia track, participants can:
  • Pursue careers as graphic designers, multimedia artists, or video editors.
  • Explore freelance opportunities in the digital content creation industry.
  • Further specialize in specific areas such as motion graphics or web design.
  • Obtain a recognized certification from Punjab Skills Development, enhancing employability and credibility in the job market.

we  Adan IT Center offers this course with affiliation Punjab Skills Development to gain the essential skills required to excel in graphic design and emit your creative potential in today's competitive environment.