Web Development

Web Development Track

In the WEB DEVELOPMENT track at (DIT), you’ll learn Backend and Frontend Development, UI/UX Design, and JavaScript.


Web development involves creating and managing websites and web applications that people can access online. It includes tasks like designing, coding, scripting, and implementing security measures to ensure websites work well and provide a good experience for users.

At Adanit Center, we proudly provide a complete Web Designing course in partnership with the Punjab Skill Development Authority (PSDA). In today’s digital age, being skilled in web design is important, and our course is made to give people the needed skills and knowledge in this area.

Our Web Development Courses Are Ideal For:
  • Students studying web development

  • Beginners in web development

  • Employees of web development companies seeking skill enhancement
  • Experienced web developers interested in learning new tools

  • Individuals seeking certification in web development

  • Entrepreneurs managing online stores or planning to build one

  • Those interested in creating their websites

  • Aspiring developers seeking reputable training institutes in major cities like

  • Gain hands-on experience with live web development projects.

  • Cover fundamental to advanced web development concepts.

  • Create your websites from scratch.

  • Master coding essentials for website development.

  • Understand best practices in web development.

  • Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP to build dynamic websites.

Upon successfully completing the Web Development track at Adan IT Center, you'll receive a certification endorsed by both the Punjab Skill Development Authority (PSDA) and Adan IT Center, validating your proficiency in web development. This certification, supported by PSDA through its collaboration with Adan IT Center, enhances your professional credibility. For individuals aspiring to specialize further, our 1-year diploma program offers personalized mentorship and hands-on training, equipping graduates with advanced skills for career advancement. Join Adan IT Center today and embark on your journey towards mastering web development and embracing digital innovation!

 1. Introduction to Web Development:

  • Overview of web development fundamentals and technologies.

  • Understanding the importance of web development in the digital age.

2. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language):

  • Fundamentals of HTML for creating the structure of web pages.

  • Tags, elements, attributes, and semantic markup.

3. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets):

  • Styling web pages with CSS to enhance appearance and layout.

  • Selectors, properties, and values.

  • Responsive design and media queries.

4. JavaScript:

  • Introduction to JavaScript programming language.

  • Basics of scripting for client-side interactivity and dynamic content.

  • DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation.

5. jQuery:

  • Utilizing jQuery library for simplified JavaScript coding.

  • Event handling, animations, and effects.

6. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor):

  • Introduction to server-side scripting with PHP.

  • Working with variables, arrays, and control structures.

  • Form handling and data processing.

7. Database Integration:

  • Connecting web applications to databases.


    Introduction to MySQL for data storage and retrieval.


    Performing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations.

8. Web Development Best Practices:

  • Understanding security considerations in web development.


    Optimizing website performance and loading speed.


    Accessibility standards and usability principles.

9. Project Work:

  • Applying learned concepts to develop real-world web projects.


    Collaborative projects to enhance practical skills and teamwork.

10. Final Assessment and Certification:

  • Evaluation of project submissions and practical skills.


    Certification awarded upon successful completion of the course.