NAVTTC batch 5 Python and Angular course

Professionals with experience with Python and the Django framework for backend web development, as well as Angular or React for frontend development, are in high demand in today’s market. While Django offers a practical web development framework, Python is a popular choice for creating reliable server-side programs due to its simplicity and versatility. Angular and React are popular JavaScript libraries for the front end that make it easier to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces. Enterprises are in high demand for developers with experience in Python/Django on the backend and Angular/React on the front end because they need to create cutting-edge, scalable, and intuitive online apps.

In this article, here are some important points that we are going to discuss for those youngsters who want to enroll in this course of NAVTTC-BATCH 5

  • The average salary for professionals in Python, Django, Angular and React
  • Job opportunities for professionals in Python, Django, Angular, and React
  • What you will learn in this course
  • Reasons you should consider this course
  • Roles of professionals in Python, Django, Angular, and React
  • Career path

The average salary for professionals in Python, Django, Angular and React

Average annual Salary: 7,41,000 PKR

What is the eligibility criteria for NAVTTC Python/ Django+ Angular/ React?

The eligibility criteria for NAVTTC Python/ Django+ Angular/ React is;

  • Age: 18-40
  • Minimum qualification:
    • Bachelors in IT
    • Bachelors in CS
    • Bachelors in SE
    • Bachelors in MIS
    • Bachelors in Math


Job opportunities for professionals in Python, Django, Angular, and React

October,16,2023 Jobs offered to Python, Django, Angular, and React professionals at international platforms in Pakistan are as follows:

  • LinkedIn: 200+ jobs in Pakistan and 3000+ jobs in the USA.
  • Indeed: 50+  jobs in Pakistan and 300+ jobs in the USA.
  • Glassdoor: 100+ jobs in Pakistan and 900+ in the USA.

What you will learn in this course

A strong stack for creating contemporary web apps is Angular/React on the front end and Python/Django on the back end. When combined with the Django web framework, the flexible and readable programming language Python offers a strong backend infrastructure for creating scalable and safe applications. Popular JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React provide dynamic and responsive user interfaces on the front end that improve the user experience overall. With this combination, full-stack apps can be developed that provide a highly interactive and feature-rich frontend and interface with servers and databases smoothly. It’s a great option for businesses looking to create complex, real-time web solutions.

Reasons you should consider this course

1- Full-Stack Web Programming

You can get full-stack programming abilities by studying Angular/React for the front end and Python/Django for the back end. As a result, you become a well-rounded developer capable of creating entire web apps from scratch.

2- High Demand for Web Developers

There is a constant need for qualified web developers, with a particular preference for individuals with front-end and back-end development experience.

3- Versatility

Python is a well-known, readable, and user-friendly language that is ideal for beginners. Popular and effective JavaScript frameworks for creating dynamic and responsive user interfaces are Angular and React. When combined, these technologies provide a flexible set of tools for web development.

4- Big and Active Communities

The developer communities for Python, Django, Angular, and React are all quite big and active. You can make use of the group expertise, assets, and assistance that these communities have to offer.

5- Diverse Career Opportunities

Gaining knowledge of these technologies can lead to several different job routes, such as front-end, software engineer, full-stack, and web developer. You can work on projects in a variety of industries.

6- Global Reach

Your work may be accessed by people all over the world if you possess web development skills. This enables you to look into professional opportunities abroad.

7- Enterprise-Level Solutions

Companies of different sizes employ Python, Django, Angular, and React. Both simple webpages and intricate enterprise-level apps can be created with these technologies.

8- Rapid Development

Web applications may be created quickly and effectively with Python and Django, which prioritize rapid development. Quick and responsive user interfaces are supported by Angular and React.

9- Cross-Platform Compatibility

React and Angular facilitate the development of web applications that work on a variety of platforms and devices. In today’s computer world, cross-platform compatibility is crucial.

10- User-Focused Design

Angular and React facilitate user-centric design, which makes the development of captivating and simple-to-use user interfaces easier. Back-end features that improve the overall user experience are supported by Python and Django.

11- Opportunities for Certification

You can improve your employment prospects and certify your abilities by enrolling in certification programs for Django, Angular, Python, and React.

12- Constant Learning

To keep up with market trends, these technologies are always changing. Gaining knowledge of Python, Django, Angular, and React helps you keep current with new developments.

Roles of professionals in Python, Django

Angular and React Professionals with expertise in Angular/React and Python/Django are in high demand in the online application development industry due to the multitude and diversity of job prospects that come with this combination. Opportunities to work on the whole web application stack are provided by roles like Full-Stack Developer, Web Application Developer, and Full-Stack Software Engineer, which are constantly in demand. Those with expertise in this stack may find positions as front-end developers, web application architects, or full-stack development leads, which offer opportunities for advancement and leadership. Businesses in a variety of sectors, including social media, healthcare, e-commerce, and finance, are actively looking for people to develop and manage intricate, dynamic web applications. The stack’s adaptability and the ongoing focus on web technology mean that job opportunities are still strong, making it a great option for anyone looking to pursue a career in this field.

Career path

Pursuing a career in Python/Django with Angular/React development offers a fascinating trip into the world of full-stack web application development. It typically requires a solid background in Python and web development, as well as a strong grasp of the Django framework and frontend development tools like Angular or React. Junior Full-Stack Developer and Web Application Developer are entry-level roles that offer valuable experience in working on various web application features. Depending on your interests and strong points, you can investigate more specialized positions as your experience develops, such as Full-Stack Software Engineer, Web Application Architect, or Angular/React Development Lead.


1 Can Python be used in Angular?

Angular components can make HTTP requests to Python-powered backend services, retrieving and displaying data without the need for page refreshes.

2 Is Django and Angular the same?

Angular is all about crafting frontend components and handling the nitty-gritty of UI logic, while Python/Django takes charge of the backend operations, gracefully handling requests, processing data, and dancing with databases.

3 Can I build a website with Python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language, meaning it can be used to create almost any computer program—including websites.


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