PSDA & Adan IT Center Affiliation

The Punjab Skills Development Agency (PSDA) is leading the way in the province, spearheading meaningful initiatives to develop essential skills. With a focused mission on improving employability, PSDA works in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders. Their joint efforts result in the creation and implementation of successful skill development programs, contributing significantly to the socio-economic growth of Punjab. PSDA‘s dedication to enhancing skills plays a crucial role in fostering a more capable and competitive workforce, ultimately benefiting the overall prosperity of the region.

Details Of Courses

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Computer Applications

Learn computer Applications: productivity, communication, media, gaming, education. Join us to master these tools!

Computer Graphics

Join our 3-month Computer Graphics program. Learn graphic design, animation, and visual storytelling easily. Unleash your creativity with us!

Web Designing

Join our 3-month Web Designing course to master user-friendly website creation. Learn layout design, typography, and color theory for impactful digital experiences.

Social Media Marketing Expert

Level up your digital marketing with our 6-month Social Media Marketing diploma. Master strategies for impactful social media engagement.

Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)

Diploma in Information Technology in just one year, gaining crucial skills across various IT domains. Prepare for success in the dynamic digital landscape.

Growing Skills Together: Adan IT Center Joins Hands with PSDA

Taking a significant step towards boosting skills, Adan IT Center is excited to announce its affiliation with PSDA. This collaboration opens doors to a wide range of learning opportunities, expanding the horizons of skill development.

Courses That Transform Lives

Adan IT Center, in tandem with PSDA, presents an array of transformative courses designed to cater to the evolving needs of the digital era. Here’s a breakdown of the courses offered:

Computer Applications (3 months):

Unleash the power of software proficiency with this comprehensive 3-month course.

Gain practical skills essential for navigating the digital landscape of today’s professional world.

Web Designing (3 months):

Dive into the realm of creativity and functionality with this 3-month Web Design course. Learn the art of crafting visually appealing and user-friendly websites.

Social Media Marketing Expert (6 months diploma):

Elevate your digital marketing skills with a 6-month diploma in Social Media Marketing. Master the strategies and tactics to make a significant impact in the ever-expanding realm of social media.

Diploma in Information Technology (DIT – 1 year):

Embark on a year-long journey of comprehensive learning with the Diploma in Information Technology. Acquire in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in various facets of IT.

Computer Graphics (3 months):

Unleash your creative side with this 3-month Computer Graphics program.

Develop skills in graphic design, animation, and visual storytelling.

PSDA and Adan IT Center: A Commitment to Practical Education

This collaboration is a testament to the commitment of PSDA and Adan IT Center to provide practical and industry-relevant skills. Whether you’re seeking to enhance proficiency in computer applications, web designing, social media marketing, information technology, or computer graphics, these courses are tailored to empower individuals with the skills needed in today’s dynamic job market. It’s more than just education; it’s a gateway to a world of opportunities. Join us on this transformative journey of skill development!