NAVTTC |Qlik Training and Educational Course

NAVTTC; Qlik educational and training course

The National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC), in collaboration with the Prime Minister Youth Skills Development Program, is going to launch a new batch of free high-end training programs with the name of PMYSP Phase Five (V). This training program was developed to enhance the most demand-driven skills among the youth of Pakistan. This program will be offered at the best institute in the country. In this training program, highly demanded international certifications, which are otherwise very costly, are being offered free of charge.

So, be ready to apply to this program before the last date of registration for NAVTTC training.

In this article on phase 5 NAVTTC courses, we will explore the Qlik training educational course. You will find the following information in this blog:

  • Introduction to the Qlik training and educational course
  • Average Salary
  • The importance of this course
  • Career path
  • Job opportunities
  • Job opportunities on different platforms

Qlik Educational and Training Course


Qlik is an organized educational program that teaches individuals how to effectively use Qlik’s business intelligence and data visualization tools, such as QlikView or Qlik Sense.

This program covers a range of topics, such as:

  • product familiarization and data connection, 
  • progressing to data transformation, 
  • visualization creation, and dashboard design

Participants will learn to utilize the power of Qlik’s associative data model, enabling dynamic data exploration and insight discovery. Completing a Qlik course equips individuals with valuable skills in data analysis and visualization, empowering them to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Average Salary

  • Average annual salary: 5,40,000 PKR

Importance of this course

Certainly, here are some compelling reasons to consider pursuing a Qlik course:

1. High Demand for Data Analytics

Qlik is a powerful data analytics and business intelligence platform. As more organizations recognize the importance of data-driven decision-making, professionals with Qlik skills are in high demand.

2. Career Opportunities

Completing a Qlik course can open up a wide range of career opportunities in data analysis, business intelligence, and data visualization. These roles are well-compensated and offer good career prospects.

3. Versatility and Flexibility

Qlik can be used in various industries, from healthcare and finance to retail and marketing. This versatility means you can apply your Qlik skills in different domains and roles.

4. Data-Driven Decision-Making

With Qlik expertise, you’ll be able to extract valuable insights from data, helping organizations make informed decisions and develop effective strategies.

5. Competitive Advantage

Qlik skills can give you an advantage over competitors in the job market. Data analysis is a highly in-demand skill, and Qlik is among the leading tools in the field.

6. Business Growth

Organizations use Qlik to identify growth opportunities, improve operations, and enhance customer experiences. Your Qlik skills can directly contribute to an organization’s success.

7. Continuous Learning

The field of data analytics changes a lot and is always getting better. Pursuing a Qlik course allows you to engage in continuous learning and stay updated with the latest data analysis techniques.

8. Problem-solving skills

Data analysis and visualization require strong problem-solving abilities. By mastering Qlik, you’ll develop these skills, which are valuable in many professional contexts.

9. Personal Development

Learning to work with complex data sets and turn data into actionable insights can be interesting for the mind and personally rewarding.

10. Global Recognition

Qlik certifications are recognized globally. Whether you plan to work locally or internationally, your Qlik skills will be valuable.

11. Networking Opportunities

Enrolling in a Qlik course connects you with a community of data professionals and experts. Networking can lead to valuable industry connections and job opportunities.

Career path

Starting a career in Qlik and business intelligence often begins with a basic position like Junior Business Intelligence Analyst, where you gain initial exposure to data analysis and basic reporting using tools like Qlik.

As you progress, you can advance to roles like Business Intelligence Analyst or Qlik Developer, where you’ll handle more complex data analysis tasks and develop interactive dashboards.

With years of experience, you may move into senior positions, become a data scientist, or even transition into leadership roles like business intelligence manager or director.

Job opportunities

Professionals with expertise in Qlik and related business intelligence and data visualization skills have access to a wide array of job opportunities in various industries. As businesses increasingly rely on data-driven decision-making, roles like business intelligence analysts, data scientists, and Qlik developers are in high demand. These professionals use Qlik to analyze data, create interactive dashboards, and generate actionable insights that drive organizational success.

They work in diverse sectors, such as

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Government-helping organizations

They make informed decisions, improve processes, and gain a competitive edge. With the continuous growth of data and analytics in today’s business landscape, the career prospects for individuals skilled in Qlik remain promising and dynamic.

Job opportunities on different platforms

According to the data for October 16, 2023, jobs offered to Certified Qlik professionals on international platforms in Pakistan are as follows:

  • LinkedIn: 500+ Certified Qlik Professional Jobs in Pakistan.
  • Indeed, there are 100+ certified Qlik professional jobs in Pakistan.
  • Glassdoor: 300+ Certified Qlik Professional Jobs in Pakistan.

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